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The Tenancy, Rent & Bills
  • How long is the tenancy for? All tenancies are for 12 months duration
  • When does the tenancy start and finish? The tenancy commences on the 1st July and runs until 30th June
  • Is rent paid over the summer period? Yes, tenancies are for 52 weeks
  • Is there any rent reduction over the summer? Full rent is payable from the first day of the tenancy
  • Who pays the utility bills? Tenants are responsible for all utility bills (electricity, gas and water)
  • How much are utility bills in total? Utility bills amount to roughly £25 per month per tenant
  • Is there a water meter? No. It is better value to pay a set rateable charge
  • Is broadband included? No
  • Are students liable for Council Tax? No. Registered students are exempt from Council Tax
  • How is insurance arranged? Tenants should take out possessions insurance
  • How and when is rent paid? By direct debit on the 1st of the month. The first rental payment for July is made on the 1st of July and then on the 1st of every month, up to the 1st June
The House
  • What furniture is included? All furniture is included
  • Are double beds provided? All bedrooms are furnished with double beds
  • Is there a communal sitting room? All A&P Properties houses have communal sitting rooms
  • What domestic appliances are included? Washing machine and vacuum cleaner
  • Can i repaint my room? No. All maintenance is undertaken by A&P Properties
  • Are front and external doors fitted with deadlocks? Yes. All deadlocks are Fire Officer approved
  • Are the bedroom doors fitted with locks? Yes. All the bedroom doors are fitted with security locks
  • Are there smoke detectors in the property? All properties have a mains connected smoke detection system
Maintenance & Repairs
  • How is the property maintenance organised?  Maintenance is arranged via the A&P Properties team
  • Who undertakes property maintenance?  A&P PROPERTIES looks after all maintenance
  • Who pays for property maintenance?  All maintenance is paid for by A&P Properties
  • How quickly are things attended to?  Tradesmen usually attend properties on the same day, or within a 48 hour period
  • Are there valid safety guarantees?  All relevant gas safety, electrical and HMO certificates are supplied
  • Who is responsible for the garden?  A&P Properties rent includes the services of a gardener all year round
Contract Signing
  • When can we read the contract? Upon request the office will email you a copy of the contract
  • Is it possible to have the contract verified?  Contracts can be verified by your University Accommodation Office
  • When do we sign the contract?  As soon as you decide on your house
  • Is it possible to reserve a house?  It is possible to make a reservation payment of £100 per tenant
  • Is this payment credited to the deposit?  Yes. It is non-returnable if you renege, but otherwise forms part of your deposit
  • Do we all need to sign together? It is helpful to sign as a group, but not essential
  • What do we bring to the contract signing?  1)Cheque for the deposit 2)Bank details for the rent
The Deposit & The Rent
  • When is the deposit paid? At the signing of the tenancy agreement
  • How is the deposit paid? By cheque or by cash
  • How much is the deposit? The deposit is for one month’s rent
  • Is this deposit protected? Yes. Deposits are registered with a government approved scheme
  • When do we receive our deposits back? The lead tenant will receive the house deposit once the tenancy has ended
  • Is there an agency fee? No fees
  • How is the rent paid? By monthly Direct Debit on the 1st day of every month from one joint account
  • When does the payment of rent commence? The first rental payment for July is made on the 1st of every month

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